rhammnus cathartica, cirsium arvense, rosa multiflora, celastrus orbiculatus, euphorbia esula, toxicodendron diversilobum, toxicodendron radicans, buckthorn, canada thistle, multiflora rose, oriental bittersweet, leafy spurge, poison oak and poison ivy.

We eat your problems.

Who we are

The Munch Bunch is a goat-for-hire company serving the extended Twin Cities region and western Wisconsin. We are independently owned and operated. We know goats, and we know just what to do with them!

Who uses our services?

•  Homeowners

•  Farms

•  Public/DNR sectors

•  Real estate brokers

•  Golf courses

• Campground managers

How can we help you?

Goats are the perfect application to control unsightly brush, noxious weeds, and areas you have to fight your way through! Contact us today to begin your goat grazing plan.

What we do

The Munch Bunch specializes in “mob grazing” as a method of brush control. The most common use of goats in our area is to control buckthorn, but our goats will eat a huge variety of invasive and non-native plants!

Why goats?

•  Ecologically friendly

•  Get to the root of it

•  No chemicals

•  No loud machinery

•  Can reach tough or steep areas

•  Enable biodiversity and native plant growth

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